Who Am I And Why You Should Care

My name is Yaseen. I started this blog when I was in high school. I am currently a college student at Virginia Tech, pursuing a degree in Computational Modeling and Data Analytics, specializing in Cryptography & Cybersecurity, with a double minor in Software Engineering and Mathematics.

In this blog, I plan for my work to span a myriad of facets within programming and technical analysis. From crafting bespoke indicators to scrutinizing their efficacy through live testing, I’m dedicated to presenting you with comprehensive insights gathered from this process. Each result will be analyzed and presented, offering a window into the dynamic landscape of data-driven decision-making. Furthermore, I invite you to explore the strategies I will develop and deploy. In addition to sharing the outcomes of my strategies, I will develop a suite of technical tools designed for you to copy and use as you please.

But perhaps the funniest part of this journey will lie in the realm of real-world application. I will be committed to authenticity and transparency as I venture into the world of trading, employing SMC trading concepts to navigate the financial markets. I will use a small money account and be trading future contracts utilizing this strategy, recording all wins and losses. Smart Money Concepts has been hailed as the holy grail of trading. Let’s see if it is true or not!

Innovative Thinker

Diligent Problem Solver

Results Driven



South Brunswick High School, GPA: 3.9 (4.0 max)
AP Classes: 8
Virginia Tech (Starting September 2024) Monmouth Junction, NJ
September 2020 – June 2024

HS Courses: Mobile Programming, Data structures, AP Pre-Calculus, Adv. Statistics & Probability
College Courses: R Programming (Harvard Certificate), Leadership (MIT Certificate), Data Science (Harvard, currently taking)


Financial / Technical Projects (Coded in Pinescript and Java)
Hull Money Flow: Assess the strength and momentum of a price trend in a particular asset, analyzing price & volume to indicate overbought/oversold levels. Back test result of 60%-win rate.
– Power Balance: Assesses strength of buyers and sellers to determine potential direction of price movement. Calculation based on relationship between closing price and the trading range (high – low) of a given period. Back test result of 60%-win rate.
– Support and Resistance: re-designed Support/Resistance points for the Tradingview platform, utilizing a different approach – Based on price action, historical data, and the behavior of traders in the market. Back test results of 67%-win rate
– Forex Market Sessions: Keep track of the times of the 3 major trading sessions and their overlapping periods

Mobile Apps and Data Structure Projects (Coded in Java and Android Studio)
– Walled Maze: Assesses strength of buyers and sellers to determine potential direction.
– Calculator: re-designed Support/Resistance points for the Tradingview platform
– ********: Keep track of the times of the 3 major trading sessions and their overlapping periods


Founded trading company, focusing on day trading and coding trading strategies in Pinescript & Java. Mentoring team of 6. Spearheading coding & trading projects. Leading meetings. Conducting webinars. Steering company’s strategic future plans. (Link)

Creating positive work environment. Helping my team. Resolving conflicts amongst team members. Helping customers. Operating cash register. Preparing beverages

Technical Skills

Programming Languages: Java, Pinescript, R, Python (Learning), C++ (Learning)
Tools & Technologies: Git, Bash, Stack Overflow, TensorFlow, etc.
Administrative: Office 365 (Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Teams), Google G Suite, Zoom, etc.
Finance: Day Trading, Forex, Crypto, Options, Order Books, etc.


Coding, Financial Markets, Weightlifting, Volleyball, Golf, Reading, Psychology, Rowing, Sailing.

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Coding, like poetry, should be short and concise. First, solve the problem. Then, write the code. Make it work, make it right, make it fast.

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